About Erika Finch

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The Story

There I was in my sixth grade English class, sporting one of those quintessential 80s haircuts complete with the poodle perm. Mrs. Esquivel tasked us with writing a chapter for the book we were reading, and then we each read one of our classmate's chapters aloud. When the student who read my chapter finished, the class burst into applause. (No joke.) "I think we have a future writer on our hands," said Mrs. Esquivel. That's when I began to ponder abandoning my astronaut goals for the written word.

And here we are.

What I Do

After 15 years working for magazines and newspapers and crafting marketing content for businesses, I've embraced the title "storyteller."

Whether it's the bio of a shy artist who sculpts nature's smallest creatures or the narrative of an international hotel chain's lobby remodel, I craft compelling, grammatically correct, concise content that grabs the attention of your target audience.

I tell your story. The end.

Do you have a story that needs to be told?