Welcome to Just Finch It

Brand Storyteller

Everyone and every brand has a story to tell. You need someone to convey that story using vibrant language and a fresh angle tailored to your audience. That's what I do.

Arts and Entertainment Journalist

More than 15 years of experience reporting on visual art, galleries, music, film and film festivals, fashion and design, and the culinary arts for both print and digital publications.

Content Editor

Give me your keywords and receive the content you need by your deadline – every time. My experience includes social media management, ad copy, press releases and email marketing.

My last name became a verb for a reason

At my first freelance position with a major daily newspaper, the editors had a saying: Just Finch it. Art festival? Just Finch It. City council meeting? Just Finch It. That boring story no one wants to cover? Just Finch It.

I'm that rare breed of storyteller with a creative writing education, journalism background and marketing prowess. Whatever your brand storytelling and content needs, Just Finch It.